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Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix
Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms. Being an edible delicacy from the Cortinarius family, Blue foot mushrooms are under the Clitocybe Nuda. It is also known as the Pied Blue mushroom due to its blue-tinted stem. This shroom is also known as Lila Pereszke in France, Rhodapaxille Nu in Latin, Wood blewit by the foragers and amateur mycologist from the United States. Also known as Psilocybe Caerulipes, Blue Foot mushroom is a rare psilocybin mushroom. Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Mesa

This shroom has long and narrow white to greyish caps with dark gills underside. When dry, it has a red to brown colour with white spots. Its stems have good- looking hues with more concentration of colour on the caps than the stem. It produces a savoury flavour with an earthy aroma. Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Tucson

The cooked Blue Foot mushroom has a high fragrance, earthy, woody, and silky. Before cooking Blue Foot Magic Mushroom, ensure that you clean it with paper tissue or mushroom brush though it usually is clean. This shroom pairs well with eggs, sherry, dry masala, heavy cream, garlic, onion risotto, and arugula. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook. After cooking, it loses the Lilac hues, but it still maintains its shape. The methods of cooking Magic Blue Foot Mushroom include roasting, grilling, braising, stewing, and sautéing. Its stems are edible though you should chop them and cooked for more time. Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix

Blue Foot Shrooms Description | Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix
The Psilocybe Caerulipes mushroom has conical -convex caps that are brownish. Moreover, the caps are round, smooth, cream in colour, and firm, with purple with gills. The colour concentration is more on the caps through the caps, and the gills remain Grey. Blue Foot mushrooms stems are dense, thick with deep lilac hues. The Purple colouring fades as it ages due to exposure to heat. Likewise, it has a dark purple to smooth brown spores with a wide germ pore at the tip. It develops into blue coloration after cutting or getting a bruise.

Blue Foot Magic Mushrooms Effect | Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix
The Blue Foot Mushrooms is a magic mushroom. Since it is a Psilocybin, it contains psilocybin and psilocin compounds. Once you take this mushroom, the effects occur within 1 to 2 hours, lasting for about 6 hours. Due to its hallucinogens, its effects include both visual and auditory. Blue Foot shroom has relaxation effects; hence it will calm your nerves down. Its psychedelic effects are good for boosting mood. Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix

Blue Foot Shroom Grow Information
This shroom is the cultivated cousin of the wild Wood Blewit mushroom. It grows in both deciduous and coniferous areas and grows into small-to-medium-size. You are likely to find this shroom growing on or around decaying hardwood. The Blue Foot Mushroom grows in the Pacific Northwest and the North-Eastern States. It thrives well in woodland habitats, hedgerows, and gardens. Psilocybe Caerulipes should be stored well since it is so sensitive to environmental changes. Leaving them exposed for too long will make them excessively dry.

On the other hand, they become too soggy if kept in a closed environment. It can be found in local markets and commonly in the greengrocers. This Magic Mushroom is ready by August to October.

Blue Foot Mushroom Medical Use
The amount of thiamine or vitamin B1 available in the Blue Foot Mushroom acts as a good remedy for nervous support and blood sugar control. Thiamine helps to change carbohydrates that are the polysaccharides into energy, useful to the body and the brain. Its relaxation effects are a good remedy for curing depression and anxiety in cancer patients. It is an excellent treatment for the people suffering from mood disorder due to its psychedelic effects. Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Chandler

Blue Foot Magic Mushroom Side Effect| Buy Blue Foot Mushrooms Phoenix
Upon a large intake of this shroom, one may experience nausea, vomiting, and an increased heartbeat rate. Some consumers experience dry mouth upon consumption, which can be helped by taking lots of fluid to keep your body dehydrated. Moreover, some users develop a lack of coordination and confusion, which results in paranoia. Some have experienced excessive sweating and an increase in blood pressure, which can be alarming at times. It is, therefore, important not to exceed the prescribed amount of Blue Foot Mushroom.

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